How U Can Use Dentemax

Dentemax Some my patients are very sensitive to this and some are not again we’re all built differently I want to solve the question about what zirconium is a metal yes you’re absolutely right but there Konya is not a zirconium looks like .


A visa metal actually make lots of bolts and nuts and screws from sir Konya because it’s .

A strong metal but when you’re looking at their Konya it’s their kuhnian oxide which is a pure ceramic powders and I make all.

The properties of it is a ceramic so please do not tell your patients that their Konya implants are metal that’s wrong this is ceramic properties .

That I’m interested in from a biological perspective it doesn’t release ions it .

Doesn’t have any kind of activity you cannot go back to a metal those are the things that were just saying so that’s the definition we look at the properties of a substance to see what it is and then we qualify it man and woman right we look at the different properties can we transform it into what for sure

guess that’s possible right but same for the thing you look at the properties of that substance at that particular time and how transformable is it back into enough to me that’s a ceramic it’s a metal free option okay is it easy to use .

That’s another next question it’s a simple system easy to use luckily it’s familiar to all of you because you’re already using probably screw routine restorations so this is one of my patients actually she met for an interior failing teeth and she’s had.

These restorations now probably for about a year carbon fiber and then we have underneath is a ceramic dental implant you can see here the health of the tissues and heated up she’s getting a little bit of