the effective use of humana dental insurance

humana dental insurance Sometimes the newspaper reports that the baby is constantly humana dental insurance growing due to brain fluid.

The reason for this is the hydrocephalus, also known as water collection in the brain .

Hydrocephalus is a disease rarely seen in adults. However.

  • the symptoms of hydrocephalus are often interpreted as other diseases because they are not so common in adults.
  • For example; If there is deceleration of movement if there is deceleration and urinary incontinence.
  • The diagnosis of bladder disorder can be made. However, these problems are also signs of hydrocephalus.

Sometimes only one of these problems is seen.

  • For example, the patient goes to the doctor with a complaint of balance disorder and is diagnosed with Parkinson’s.¬†
  • the balance of forgetfulness and movement deteriorates, urinary problems come. If the correct diagnosis is made, the treatment process starts.