Dental and Vision insurance packages

The Best Dental and Vision insurance packages

  • if an insured person suffers from accidents or illnesses as stipulated in the main contract during the travel.
  • and since the crash Or if necessary treatment is given within 90 days from the date.
  • Of the disease and within the validity period of this additional contract insurance liability.
  • the company will compensate the insured person for the corresponding insurance amount under.
  • The actual medical expenses that have been spent, necessary and reasonable.
  • That is to say, it can be understood that being sick outside the country can be covered.
  • However, Dental and Vision insurance packages there is one in the disclaimer:

1.Dental and Vision insurance packages

  • Dental treatment or surgery that is not due to accidental injury and dental restoration or orthopedics.
  • That is to say, dental accidents can be guaranteed, but dental diseases are not guaranteed.
  • Look at the landlord’s problem.
  • is the pulp inflammation, pulpitis refers to the inflammatory lesions that occur in the pulp tissue.
  • The pulp is a loose connective tissue mainly containing neurovascular vessels.
  • located in the pulp chamber inside the tooth.
  • If the squat, wedge-shaped defect and other hard tissue diseases of the tooth cannot be controlled and treated.
  • in time, it can cause pulpitis and become one of the most common and common conditions in the oral cavity.

It can be seen that pulpitis is dental disease, not an accident so it cannot be guaranteed.