insurance that covers full dental

insurance that covers full dental

the top and submit a counterproposal make sure to always pay attention to the downgraded codes because those codes can mean a lot of additional revenue to your practice if you pay attention to them here’s an example of an actual negotiating setting for a practice in Mesa Arizona you can see here.

where we started  insurance that covers full dental what I want to point out to you here is the porcelain crown we got a two hundred fifty dollar increase on this porcelain crown we got a dollar increase here on the base metal crown the crown code that mattered the most in this negotiating section was insurance that covers full dental this one because it was at okay.

fast-forwarding to the fillings the objective of this negotiating setting was we wanted to make sure that the one surface to surface was at least close to the composite counterpart so you see here that we started at  dollars and we ended up at on this one surface amalgam we also added about for this one.

surface composite the posterior so when you match these procedure codes you won’t always be successful at getting the exact fee for both of these procedures but you can come close and the insurance companies some of them will allow you to come as close as you need to be in order for you.

to accept a reasonable fee schedule but that’s insurance that covers full dental an example this is an example of a real negotiating setting folks okay step number six accepting negotiating fees as soon as you’ve gone through at least three or four counter proposals and receive three or four offers when you accept fees it is very.